Touraco Safari

Touraco Safari

Plan “Your own unique African Safari Learning Experience”:

Involve your feelings, senses, needs & emotions!

When you decide on a remote vacation, like an African Safari, insist that this vacation should not only be a mere holiday or journey, it should be an all-round time of satisfaction, a memorable experience that will last a life-time!

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Hyena family

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On your tailor-made – Touraco Travel Services – African Safari adventure, consider which different angles are possible from your lens when you take memorable photos and videos?

This will allow you to truly understand and appreciate the beauty, yet sometimes brutal reality of an African Wildlife Experience! Your perception and your holiday experience is never right or wrong, black or white. Insist to focus on all possible angles; create a reality which you can take home with you.

Your Touraco Tour Guide will help you maximize your Safari experience so you can embrace a world beyond anything you expected!

Watch this gripping video of a leopard mother hunting an Impala antelope while protecting her young one from a hungry hyena. What instincts are triggered in you?

YOUR unique feeling or impression is one of many, as you let your sense of adventure, level of pain and connection to a mother fel you with great awe and wonder. 


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Try to visualize the situation not only from your own human experience, but as part of the reality experienced by all the animals involved. Nature dictates their reasoning, emotions and feelings under the circumstances.

To illustrate only four of an endless number of possibilities:

The possible perception of you, the tourist:
  • Shame how cruel, poor impala, imagine the pain!
  • Oh no, being ambushed and killed by a leopard and also followed by a hyena, how unfair!
  • Yes, that is exactly what I wanted to witness on an African Safari, a true predator ambush and resultant kill. I need to capture every second of it to share it with friends on Instagram, or Facebook, etc.
  • Or, although I wanted to experience Africa, I did not want it to be so gruesome.
  • I can’t look at it, it hurts me.
  • Shame the Impala is so beautiful and innocent, how can the leopard & Hyena be so cruel?
  • That is nature, the death of one is necessary for the survival of another one. No friends, or favors out there!
How could you possibly feel, if you were the Leopard:
  • As Leopards stay & hunt alone, nobody else will invite me to a meal.
  • Killing antelopes is what I am designed for, that’s what I am specialized in.
  • I am hungry, I need to eat
  • I am a mother, I need to look after & care for my young one!
  • I need to feed it and care for myself, to produce milk.
  • I must remember that the first objective of the hyena is to steal the antelope that I killed with great effort.
  • Simultaneously I must protect my young one from the threat the hyena poses to it.
  • With so many tourist vehicles around I need to move my prey to a safer place.
How could you possibly feel, if you were the hyena:
  • I am known to eat carrion, but if an easy, fresh meal presents itself I’ll never say no.
  • I too have got a young one which I need to feed.
  • If I steal this impala don’t have to look for something dead later, I need to survive.
  • All humans see me as a despicable looser, yet I am very clever, sly and strong.
  • I can survive on carrion, but I am also an accomplished & fearless hunter.
Lastly, how could you possibly feel, if you were the Impala antelope:
    • I was only minding my own situation.
    • Why did it have to me, there are 50 other members in my herd
    • Why was it me who was killed?
    • I should have protected myself better.
    • Why was I not more cautious, I know there are predators around.
    • As this was lambing time, she might also have had a young one who now had no chance of survival.

Looking at it from all different angles you’ll now take home a far more rewarding experience from your Safari! This experience can possibly be applied to nearly all other situations in your life! It might be a “Wow, life-changing moment” of realization!

These are some of the realities of “free roaming life” out here in the stunning African Bushveld, relaxing, peaceful but at times also very dangerous! Yet, also for the animals, this danger is certainly much more rewarding than a sheltered life in a zoo! Something that we all must protect & share with our children!


Your Touraco African Safari awaits you! Book now!

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